Posterize WIN

Posterize WIN 1.2

Plug-in tool for posterization effects

Posterize WIN is a photo software plugin for Photoshop which helps you add posterizing effects to your pictures or images. The program is easy to use, flexible and is compatible with many other illustration, graphics, photo-editing, retouching or restoration software programs such as Paintshop Pro, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Fireworks.

With the Posterize WIN program, you can posterize an image’s color and brightness with different settings and then mix the resulting image with the original up to any degree.

You can also choose from various blending modes available in the program. Posterize WIN opens up new, fun and creative possibilities for graphic designs, digital illustrations and photo retouching jobs.

This is ideal software for artists, editors or amateurs who want to use beautiful and high-quality posterization effects for their work in Photoshop.